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College of Health and Nursing

Our college aims to develop the professionals of heath care industry in accordance with school’s education goal and philosophy. The specializations concern nursing, biotechnology, beauty science, nutrition, medical management techniques etc.


Graduate Institutes and Departments

Graduate Institute of Health Care Management(found in 2003, the name be changed toMaster of Science Program in Health Care, Department of Nursing” in 2016, within the Department of Nursing)

Graduate Institute of Applied Health and Biotechnology (found in 2007, the name be changed to “Master Program of Health Industry ” in 2013, within the Department of Biological Science and Technology )

Department of Nursing (found in 1966)

Department of Biological Science and Technology (found in 2004)

Department of Beauty Science (found in 1998)

Department of Food Science and Nutrition (found in 2005)

Department of Health Business Administration (found in 1995)

Department of Information Technology (found in 2005)
























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現場報名   2017.11.29 (Wednesday) ~ 2017.12.01 (Sunday)
面試日期   2017.12.17 (Sunday)

H. Spectrum pointed by YongLin Healthcare Foundation belong to Foxconn group. Their vision is to boost the trend of heal...

2017.10.12 南台灣健康照護暨健康產業學術研討會